May 27, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Charles Gavan Power


Mr. Power (Quebec South):

My answer will be quite short. The federal government does not have to do business with local committees, not with the town planning committee any more than with the garbage collection committee or the roads committee. Constitution-

Supply-Post Office
ally speaking, we have to deal with the authorities representing the voters of Quebec city, that is the mayor of Quebec, Mr. Hamel, and the aldermen.
We came to an agreement with the mayor and his engineer. Negotiations were discontinued, probably because of the obstacles set in the way of the agreement by people who support the opinion of my hon. friend. Finally, in January 1955, the Minister of Public Works received the following letter, a copy of which I shall now read:
Honourable Robert H. Winters,
Minister of Public Works,
Honourable Sir:
I acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 18 concerning the land required by the federal government as the site for the extension of the new post office at Quebec city.
After perusal of your letter I am glad that all the persons concerned have now reached an understanding and will maintain the agreement concluded in my office when Mr. Maurice Bourget, member for Levis, the Hon. C. G. Power and Messrs. Drolet and Gardner-
They are officers of the department.
^discussed this matter with me as explained in my letter of December 28, 1954.
Therefore, as far as the federal government is concerned, he had the approval of-

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