April 17, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Smith Hyman (Minister Without Portfolio)


Hon. C. S. HYMAN (Acting Minister of Public Works).

I am not much interested in the insinuations and deductions which the hon. gentleman draws from the record, because he is remarkable for the facility with which he can, upon the smallest foundation, base the most extraordinary deductions and make the most unwarranted insinuations. This matter was somewhat fully ventilated the other day. I wish to say in the first place, with regard to the shortness of time, that the original advertisements were drawn up in the usual way. It was the intention of the department to give 10 days' notice and it was quite well known that with only three or four plants-not one or two, as the hon. gentleman has said-there was no necessity for any great delay. I have found, on inquiring into the matter, that my chief engineer drew up these advertisements and typewritten copies of them were placed in the minister's office with the understanding that they would be immediately advertised. Had that been done there would have been seven or eight days' notice after the advei

tisement first appeared in the newspaper. But the advertisements were sent, in the ordinary course, to the King's Printer, and immediately after their return were placed in the papers. I have assured myself that there was no desire on the part of the officers of the department to shorten the time unduly.

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