April 18, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Wesley Bole



I have already given the figures, but for the benefit of the hon. gentleman I will say again that by a vote of 15,459 against 14,592 the province of Manitoba voted in favour of the imposition upon itself of the separate schools provided for in the Remedial Bill. Now, Mr. Speaker, I desire to state to this House very briefly my own opinion with respect to the school question. My judgment is that in view of the conflicting opinions expressed by eminent constitutional lawyers, both inside and outside this House, with respect to the application of section 93 and other sections of the British North America Act, it is the duty of parliament to Interpet the clauses of that Act and give to the new provinces a constitutional certainty without which it is impossible to expect proper educational and social development.
Now, Mr. Speaker, what are the several propositions before the House ? We have the proposition of the right hon. the leader of the government which provides that the school system now in force in the Northwest Territories shall be made permanent. We have also the proposal of the leader of the opposition (Mr. R. L. Borden) which provides that the people of the Territories shall have a free hand subject to and in accordance with the British North America Act, 1867. We have had also a proposal from the hon. member for North Simcoe (Mr. Leighton McCarthy) which has not j et been crystallized into a definite principle for our consideration, but which however has been anticipated by him, that 152}
these new provinces should have unreservedly the right to legislate with respect to matters of education. I propose to very briefly give my opinion with respect to these different proposals and after that to give my reasons for supporting one and rejecting the others.
At six o'clock, House took recess.
After Recess.
House resumed at eight o'clock.

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