May 9, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. H. S.@

Ottawa, Ont.
Dear Sir,-About a month ago we heard what we supposed to he a rumour to the effect that the government were figuring on building wire fencing along the southern boundary line of the Northwest Territories. We at once wrote the Department of Agriculture, asking them if there was any foundation in the report, and Mr. Fisher referred us to the Department of the Interior. We at once wrote that department, under date March 20th, but did not receive a reply until under date of April Sth, a letter signed by Mr. P. G. Keyes, stating that the government had already let the contract for the wire fence. In the meantime we had got a friend to write Mr. R. F. Sutherland for information regarding this matter, but he professed ignorance and only just a day or two ago a letter was received from him stating that he found the contract had been let to McGregor, Banwell, a firm in this town. ,
We take the liberty of writing you regarding this matter, as our two members from the Essex riding are friends of the McGregor, Banwell people and we have reason to believe they were instrumental in putting the deal through. Mr. McGregor in the fence company is a son of the late Mr. McGregor.
We supposed if the government intended carrying out such a project it would have advertised for tenders, but it does not seem possible that this could have been done, or some of our friends would have seen the advertisement, and reported it to us even though we, here, heard nothing about it direct. We have about 1,000 agents scattered over every civilized part of Canada, and they are all interested in our business, and it seems as if some one of them would have reported the advertisement to us.
We did not go to Ottawa to personally canvass, thinking the government would surely advertise and that we would have a chance to tender. It would look as if the deal had been put through very quietly, as a matter of favour-itsm. If we are not asking too much of you, we would consider it a great favour if you would find out for us if tenders were adver-

tised for, as we wish for our own satisfaction to find out how this matter was put through. Yours very truly,

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