May 12, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Haughton Lennox

Conservative (1867-1942)


when we come to this amendment proposed by the Minister of Agriculture (Mr. Fisher) we find that it is proposed to amend the Act by adding a section. And in that amendment we get the first intimation that there is to be a certificate at all. The new section, ]STo. 14, as proposed reads :
At the request of any association incorporated under this Act, authorized at the annual meeting or at a meeting called for that purpose, the Minister of Agriculture may, through an officer of his department, thereunto authorized by him, approve, under the hand of that officer and the seal of his department, or such other seal as is adopted for that purpose, the certificates of registration issued by such association.
Now, I call attention to the fact that there is no mention of a certificate in the original Act, and that even after the amendment is made it is only by inference that we have authority for the issue of a certificate at all. It seems to me we should have distinct provisions for the issue of a certificate by the association, as to the fees to be charged for this certificate, and also as to the fees to be charged for registration. And I think we might very well have a provision-it seems to me as important as in some similar cases in which it has been made-that the certificate shall be prima facie evidence in courts of record. At least, some provision should be made as to the effect in courts of law of this certificate upon the manner of giving evidence as to pedigreeft stock. In additions to that, while I am speaking of this matter and so that the minister may be able to deal with it concisely, I would point out that section 13, which provides for a penalty is one sided. It provides that any person who signs a false pedigree intended for registration shall be liable to a penalty. I *submit that, it is equally important that there should be a penalty for the issue of a false certificate by an association. For upon the bona fides and correctness of this certificate the usefulness of it must depend. Of course, there is no provision for a certificate in the original Act, and therefore it is not surprising that there is no penalty provided. These are a few matters that occun-ed to me in reference to this Bill.
I have noticed carefully what the minister says as to the desirability of having these matters taken care of at Ottawa. My only regret is that we cannot in some way have the whole matter controlled at Ottawa instead of having it controlled by associations such as was spoken of by the minister when he last addressed the House on this subject. That probably for the reasons given by the minister is hot to be immediately obtained.
Mr. t'ISHEK. Taking up the last point nrst i would say that the breeders themselves are very jealous indeed of the control ot their own records and to a great extent I sympathize with them in that

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