May 31, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Henry Robert Emmerson (Minister of Railways and Canals)


Hon. H. R. EMMERSON (Minister of Railways and Canals).

It is absolutely impossible to arrange a time table that will suit the convenience of every section of the Intercolonial Railway without entailing unwarranted expense. Last season there were a number of trains following each other on the Intercolonial Railway between Halifax and St. John. The train referred to by my bon. friend is known as No. 2 train. There has been at the same hour a train known as No. 1 leaving Halifax for St. John. In the consideration of the time tables during tbe present season tbe great aim that I bad was to suit as far as possible tbe convenience of tbe people and to minimize the cost of running trains. Nos. 1 and 2 cross each other at Amherst. I found that it was possible to discontinue No. 2 train as a through train from St. John to Halifax and also to discontinue No. 1 train as a through train from Halifax to St. John.
At the same time, we would meet the convenience of the people and the requirements of the traffic by having No. 2 train run from St. John to Moncton, connecting with the maritime express from Montreal in the morning; and the maritime express could do the whole business between Moncton and Truro. Last year the maritime express reached Moncton in the vicinity of 10 o'clock and went through to Truro. Then, 15 minutes after, No. 2 train from St. John followed, without passengers, without traffic, but not, of course, without very great expense. By tlie arrangement we have made, this difficulty is overcome. It is true that it necessitates the St. John passengers getting up at an earlier hour, but it meets the convenience of the travelling public along the line, because it is a local train ; it is not designed to do through passenger traffic between St. John and Halifax. As a matter of fact No. 2 train has not done that traffic for years. Originally it was a train started out with that object, and for a number of years, when the Intercolonial was a mere by-way it served that purpose. But, now that we have trains going every few hours, the Canadian Pacific Railway and other trains, this through train from St. John is no longer a necessity; it is only a bill of expense. Having regard to the necessities of the traffic, I felt that No. 2 train should leave St. John at an earlier hour and run to Moncton coming back in the evening at six o'clock and meet-

ing the requirements of the people between these points both going and coming, and that train No. 1 should leave Halifax and run to Amherst, returning in the afternoon and meeting the requirements of the people between these points. This will obviate the necessity of running a through express between St. John and Halifax. As a matter of fact, that train has been going out at seven o'clock in the morning without passengers, without traffic. And, in the interests of the railway, and, I think, quite agreeably to the convenience of the people, there should be a change ; and I have ordered accordingly. There is no great amount of traffic from St. John to local points by this through train. They have the local trains to depend upon. The suburban train service at St. John is unexceptional-they have trains at almost all hours. As to through traffic, they have a night train leaving St. John about eleven o'clock. This takes the through traffic. The Canadian Pacific Railway train, during the summer season reaches St. John about 11.30 a.m.-certainly not later than 12. The Boston train reaches St. John at 11 o'clock. The Intercolonial train connecting with that train and also with the train for Montreal leaves between 11 and 12.

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