December 18, 1957 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles-Noël Barbès


Mr. C. N. Barbes (Chapleau):

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I wish to make a few very brief remarks concerning the bill under discussion at this time.
The government proposes to amend the 1954 National Housing Act with a view to increasing by $150,000,000 the money made available to Canadians to further improve the housing situation in this country. The former government had set aside $250,000,000, for that purpose, and loans were being granted from these funds as late as September 1957, according to the terms of section 16 of the National Housing Act, chapter 23 of the statutes of 1953-54.
The Societe des habitations modernes incor-porees, of Amos, in the county of Chapleau, had a $372,685 loan approved on September 19, 1957 by Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation in order to promote the construction of 48 new housing units in the town of Amos. This money will be paid over to the construction company and eventually people will be put in a position to occupy the housing units built in this way, the amortization period in this case being spread over 40 years.
The monthly payments will be approximately $60.50 for single, two bedroom units. This step is altogether praiseworthy. I am happy that workers from my constituency have been able to find employment during a difficult period and that this work happens to be connected with housing. I am also happy that these houses are to be offered to workers who are in most pressing need of housing, as well as to their families.
It is fortunate also that the 1954 housing act and action taken by the former government have made this progress possible in my constituency. I am in favour of the amendments, Mr. Speaker. As one father who has himself bought a comfortable home for his family on favourable terms, I would like to see every one of my fellow citizens enjoy a higher standard of living through improved housing accommodation.
In 1956 we built close to 135,000 housing units and, as of September 1956, one million new housing units had been built over the last 12 years through federal financial assistance as well as through unassisted private enterprise.

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