January 23, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. Castle-den

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

1. What floor space, if any, is rented by the P.F.R.A. for offices in the town of Melville, Saskatchewan?
2. From whom is this space rented?
3. What yearly rental is paid for same, and what is the period of the lease?
4. What are the names of all the persons employed on the staff at the Melville office during 1957, (a) permanent; (b) temporary?
5. What amounts were paid to each of the staff in (a) salaries; (b) travelling and other expenses?
Answer by: Hon. D. S. Harkness (Minister of Agriculture):
1. 993 square feet-White lunch block, 226 Main street, Melville, Saskatchewan.
2. C. Perdicaris, Melville, Saskatchewan.
3. $2,280 per 1958. annum; expires April 30,
4. (a) Permanent: Gillespie, W. M.; (b) temporary: Falloon, J. E., Jonah, W. E.,
Kroeger, L. J., Rogowski, J., Stiglitz, E.,
Zeldenrust, G.
5. (a) (b)
Salary or Travelling
Wages Expenses
Falloon, J. E. ..
$3,377.00 $ 227.90Gillespie, W. M.
5,552.50 2,365.50Jonah, W. E. ..
3,962.50 522.40Kroeger, L. J. .
3,975.00 1,583.42Rogowski, J. ..
3,797.00 435.36Stiglitz, E
2,622.00 358.35Zeldenrust, G. .
2,214.50 85.10
Friday, January 24, 1958

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