June 14, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Raymond Fournier Préfontaine (Minister of Marine and Fisheries)



Yes. There were strong representations to the government, and we were taken to task for not having the courage, as it was alleged at the time, to take the whole pilotage under the control of the department. I explained then to the House that there were two sides_ to the question, that I knew that the shipping interests were unanimously in favour of that being done, or that there would be somebody responsible for fiie conduct and qualification of these men. I said that we would try with the pilots of Montreal, who were ready to work band in hand with the department and to submit themselves to the regulations that might be made by tlie department. Since this clause has been in force, now nearly two seasons, not only the shipping federation, which represents the ship-owners, but the pilots themselves, are perfectly satisfied. But there has been some agitation as regards other places. Last year a very serious accident happened on the Saguenay river through the incompetence of one of the pilots, resulting in the

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