June 15, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Archibald Campbell



Mr. Chairman, I do not think many of the workingmen of this country will agree with the sentiments just uttered by the hon. member for North Toronto and the other members of the opposition who have spoken. I think the workingmen of this country feel that the ' Labour Gazette ' is filling a long-felt want. They have desired for many years to have some medium by which they could learn the conditions of labour in the different parts of this vast Dominion. It is true, we _ have labour papers. We have one in the city of Toronto, but its circulation is confined largely to that city. The ' Labour Gazette ' was started principally for the purpose of giving the working classes of this Dominion the news as to the conditions of trade, the scale of wages and the thousand and one things that interest them very much ; and I believe that it is accomplishing the end aimed at. The hon. member for North Toronto, with all his ingenuity, could only find two items to which he took exception. One was a report of the Dominion Coal Company. I would like to know if the men working in the mines of Nova Scotia are not interested in the condition of the Dominion Coal Company. I would also like to know if the men all over this Dominion, many of whom own stock in the Hudson Bay Company, are not interested in the affairs of that company. What are we doing for the manufacturing classes of this Dominion ? We are publish-

ing monthly returns of the exports and the imports to enable these classes to get an accurate knowledge of what is going out and what is coming in, and where the best markets can be found. We are publishing thes -at great expense. My hon. friend has no objection to that ; but when we publish a 1 Labour Gazette ' for the purpose of giving to workingmen all over this Dominion the information they want, hon. gentlemen opposite find fault with that, and try to make out that the Labour Department is a partisan department. These hon. gentlemen have been challenged here to-day, and they have not been able to show one single article in this paper that is of a partisan character. It does not matter who sends in the articles, whether they are by the city editor of the Ottawa ' Citizen ' or the city editor of a Belleville paper, if they are partisan articles and are published in this ' Labour Gazette,' the department is to blame ; but unless hon. gentlemen opposite can show that these articles are partisan, they have brought no charge against the department at all. The name of Mr. Snell, of Chatham, has been mentioned. I have known him for thirty years, and he is a most competent man for this work. He is a workingman ; he votes Liberal, of course, as nearly all the workingmen of this country do, and they are doing it more and more all the time. He could not do anything else. He understands the manner in which the government are conducting the affairs of the country. He knows that the country is prospering, and being intelligent he votes for what is good and best for himself an# the country. I defy the hon. member for Peel (Mr. Blain) to take up Mr. Snell's articles during the last twelve months and find one word in them indicating partisanship. But what Is all this fuss about ? The acting minister must make considerable allowance for our friends opposite. They are not in very good humour and require aii outlet for their indignation. They went up to London and told the whole world that all the workingmen there were going to support Mr. Gray and that Mr. Hyman had no chance at all. They challenged us to open a seat in London. The hon. member for South York tMr. W. F. Maclean) and the whole outfit went there and boasted they would carry London without fail. But their hopes were dashed to the ground, and Mr. Hyman's majority is sixteen times what it was last November. No wonder they feel sore.

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