June 15, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Archibald Campbell



There is where we made the mistake. If we had gone there, we would have carried it. and it was against my judgment that we did not contest it. we would have carried it as we did North Oxford and London and Edmonton and Levis and how many more ? No wonder these hon. gentlemen are irritable. Thev made a vicious attack on the deputy minister. The hon. member for Haltoii (Mr. Mr. CAMPBELL.
Henderson) is going to invoke the rules of the House and have him turned out. I must say that I have never seen such an exhibition of ill-temper and chagrin as we have just witnessed. I would advise these hon. gen. tlemen to crawl into a hole and then draw it in after them. That would be much more dignified than wasting the time of this House and making a travesty of parliamentary government by trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. They will no doubt learn by experience. Let them take Peruna or some other of these patent medicines, which will cure everything.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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