August 13, 1958 (24th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Stanley White (Government Whip in the Senate)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. White:

However, I was just saying, Mr. Chairman, that the Liberal party has indicated to this house that the Canadian woollen cloth industry is expendable. I think it has also failed to realize that in June of 1957 and in March of this year the Canadian people very plainly told the Liberals that they had had enough of this nonsense which had been going on for 22 years and as soon as the Liberals wake up to the voice of the people they will cease saying the things they said this morning about Canadian industry.
I was also interested to hear the views of the C.C.F. party. That party stayed on the fence; it shed crocodile tears for the workers

but indicated it had no interest in the industry. Where does that get us? I think the Canadian people pretty well caught up to the C.C.F. in the last two elections, and I am just waiting to see the results of the next one.
I would also like to say that I am amazed at the opinions expressed by Mr. Walter Harvey, who professes to know so much and yet in some of his writings has revealed how little he knows about the political and economic facts of life in Canada. In this article he has demonstrated a very biased political opinion.

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