July 22, 1960 (24th Parliament, 3rd Session)


J.-Eugène Bissonnette

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bissonnelie:

Mr. Chairman, while we are on these estimates I should like to say

Supply-Veterans Affairs a few words to the minister (Mr. Brooks) with regard to the veterans' hospital, on Laurier boulevard in Ste. Foy.
On several occasions, I have had occasion to appreciate the devotion and skill of departmental physicians and nurses in caring for the sick who are confined to that hospital and whom I personally have had the occasion to treat in civilian life.
I can therefore have but the highest praise for those doctors and nurses, and for the way they are taking care of their patients. I want to commend them to the minister, because they deserve our praises in every respect.
I must take this opportunity of pointing out to the minister that that hospital is not only a centre for the care of veterans, but also a place where Laval medical students receive part of their medical training. There again, the hospital staff is most co-operative in providing medical training for our students. Therefore, in addition to its primary function, that of caring for veterans, this hospital plays an important part in the training of Laval University medical students. We are quite pleased about it, and I consider it a pleasure to commend the minister and his department for providing us with that hospital in Quebec city.

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