July 22, 1960 (24th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Alfred Johnson Brooks (Minister of Veterans Affairs)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Brooks:

I am very glad to answer any questions asked by the hon. member and also by my very dear friend, Angus Maclnnis whom I knew for many years in this house. We have no laundry at Shaughnessy hospital in Vancouver, though we have laundries in some of our other hospitals across Canada. It has been the policy of the government to construct such laundries. We have a laundry at Saint John Lancaster hospital in New Brunswick; we have a laundry connected with our hospital in St. Anne-it is out of date now, but we are building a new one. We have a very large laundry at Sunnybrook in Toronto, and another at Westminster and another in Calgary. It is the policy of the department to establish such laundries as quickly as we can. We started a few years ago, and it is proving very satisfactory. However, there is no laundry at the present time at Shaughnessy.

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