December 7, 1960 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Warner Herbert Jorgenson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. W. H. Jorgenson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture):

answers are as follows:
1. The Canadian wheat board, as a matter of policy, does not divulge during the current crop year commitments for the purchase of Canadian wheat by foreign countries. With regard to barley and rye, these commitments are entirely a matter between the private grain trade in Canada and Japan.
2. It is impossible at this time to determine whether or not any sales of Canadian grain were lost because of the strike.
Starred Questions
3. Basis official statistics, exports of Canadian wheat, rye and barley from Canada to Japan for the period January 1, 1960, to October 31, 1960, total 43,566,642 bushels of wheat, 84,364 bushels of rye, and no exports of barley.

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