February 22, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Martial Asselin

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Asselin:

-the request for co-operation that the Minister of Transport (Mr. Balcer) made to the hon. member for Laurier (Mr. Chevrier).
The minister simply asked the hon. member for Laurier to reconsider his decision and to have the motion providing for third reading of Bill C-69 passed today. He gave his reasons for doing so. He did not accuse the opposition. On the contrary, it is the hon. member for Levis who accused himself, saying it had been claimed that the opposition was delaying the adoption of this legislation.
The hon. minister simply said this: If the motion providing for third reading were adopted today we could benefit from the fact that this project might be started as soon as possible and thus provide work for thousands of persons. That was what the Minister of Transport meant to say.
And now, Mr. Speaker, I would like to challenge an allegation made by the hon.
Business of the House
member for Laurier. He stated in this house that, if the bill was not passed it was because of the attitude of some hon. members on the government side.
Let me tell the hon. member for Laurier that we all co-operated in order to have this bill passed as soon as possible, and that every member in this house, like the hon. member for Laurier himself, has done everything they could to that end.
Motion agreed to and bill read the third time and passed.

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