March 15, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Warner Herbert Jorgenson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. W. H. Jorgenson (Parliameniary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture):

answer to this question is:
1. The conference was decided upon at a meeting held between the minister and the Canadian wheat board on February 9. Invitations were extended by the minister and the wheat board, and arrangements for the conference were made by the Canadian wheat board.
2. Invitations were issued to the following organizations:
Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Montreal; Canadian National Railways, Montreal; Vancouver chamber of shipping, Vancouver; Vancouver merchants exchange, Vancouver; Vancouver grain exchange, Vancouver; the shipping federation of British Columbia, Vancouver; national harbours board, Ottawa;

Starred Questions
port manager, Vancouver; board of grain commissioners of Canada, Winnipeg; United Grain Growers Limited, Winnipeg; Pacific Elevators Ltd., Vancouver; Alberta wheat pool, Calgary; Saskatchewan wheat pool, Regina; the port warden, Vancouver; the international longshoreman's union, Vancouver; the grain handlers union, Vancouver; the Canadian wheat board Winnipeg; the Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
If the hon. member wishes the names of individuals, we will have to secure them.
3. Only the organizations listed in (2) above were invited and represented.
Representation was not sought from communities or private individuals.
4. The work of the conference is being continued by two committees, one committee dealing with immediate problems and one committee dealing with long range problems. It is expected that the conference will reconvene in a short time to consider primarily the report of the first named committee.

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