July 17, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Lorenzo Robitaille

Independent Liberal


I will come to that later. I have here Mr. Cooper's deposition, but probably the House does not desire me to answer the hon. gentleman's question at the present moment as I will come to it in the course of my speech. He said that Mr. Parent left him with the impression that the plans would be sent to him, but no definite step was taken at that time regarding his appointment as consulting engineer. Later on Mr. Cooper asked if he was limited to a certain specification because he found that the financial status of the company was not altogether satisfactory.
Mr. Cooper's opinion seemed to be that the amount of funds available was to a certain extent limited, for when asked if, at the pre-425
sent date, and with the advantages of several years' additional experience, he would still confirm his additional recommendation both as to the type of the structure and the merit of the design, he said: ' Yes, if under the same limitations that existed at that time as to the amount of funds apparently estimated for its construction.' That is an important point, because the structure was apparently limited to the amount of funds they had in sight as far as it was impressed on me.
I could go farther on this point but It is useless to weary the House. We are all aware of the fact that Mr. Cooper was not given the opportunity he should have had to control plans because he had to keep them within a certain limit of cost as he said before. There was no definite figure stipulated, but he knew that the financial condition of the company was weak. The company commenced the construction of a bridge that will cost about $8,000,000 with financial resources amounting to about $1,000,000.

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