February 8, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Edward Norman Lewis

Conservative (1867-1942)


This Bill has reference to an official load-line on ships sailing on the inland waters of Canada, and also to coasting vessels, but not including foreign ships. It is modelled after the sections of the English Act with reference to the load-line on ships. The purpose of the Bill is to lessen the liability to these very regrettable accidents which happen in the fall of the year, and which cause very great loss of life, as in the case of the 'Jones' two years ago, and the ' Asia ' some years previously. The clause referring to the inland waters applies only after the 15th of September, and until the 15th of May in each year. There is also a clause with reference to the loadline of barges on the coasting waters of Canada, and that clause is modelled on a Bill brought in by Mr. Lawrence, formerly member for Colchester, but which was not passed into law. There is also a clause which obliges the captain who enters his ship outward from each port in Canada after the 15th day of September until the 15th day of May in each year to leave with the customs officers before he gets his clearance a list of every person leaving port on his ship, with names and addresses. There is also a clause with reference to the loading of ships. One of the chief causes of these accidents is that ships are loaded on deck in a hurry to get produce out in the rush in the fall of the year.

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