February 12, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I appreciate fully the difference between this Bill and the Bill of last session and I also appreciate what the hon. member for North Toronto (Mr. Foster) has said, that we ought not to depart from the usual practice of voting specific sums for a specific purpose unless there is very good reason for it. 1 am not set by any means against the proposition of my hon. friend. I only wish to discuss it a little and see whether we can work it out properly and satisfactorily. Would my hon. friend consider that we would have to specify all these several items or only take one lump sum to serve the purpose for the whole Civil Service ? I suppose, to follow the general practice, we would have to state that so much was needed for the Department of Agriculture, so much for the Department of Customs and so on. If that line is adopted I think it would be quite unnecessary to go into the details of each individual salary although in our ordinary civil government estimates we come very Mr. FOSTER.
close to that. It hardly seems to me that it will be at all necessary. The general principle of the addition to the pay of the service is laid down definitely and clearly in the statute and it cannot be departed from. The only question that arises is whe-there there will be 25, or 50 or 100 men who shall get $150, whether there will be 200 or 300 who shall get $100, whether so many others shall get $50 and so on. _ I would like, before coming to a conclusion, to go into that a little and see whither it is going to land us. At the same time I recognize the justice and force of what_ the hon. gentleman says with regard to this Bill as being different from the situation of the last Bill.

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