February 16, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Lewis Owen

Conservative (1867-1942)


I agree with the minister and I approve of the Bill so far as the municipality of Campbellford is concerned. I do not think that any municipality isho owns the water-power, or has leased the water-power, or had any rights upon the Trent river previous to the building of the canal should be interfered with. I think these municipalities should be allowed to sell their power within their own limits at whatever price they sarw fit. With regard to developing a greater number of horse-power, we must not forget that the lessees are only entitled to the surplus water and we never can tell exactly how many horse-power will be developed because the waters in these rivers are not always the same height, and in a dry season there will be less water and less power developed than in another season in which there may be rain I agree with 36
the Bill in so far as it restricts the lessees of power from the Crown forming a combine as to price. Under this Bill they cannot combine to put the price up high, and therefore those making applications for power will not be prevented from establishing industries in a municipality. I approve of the clause which puts the lessees under the Railway Commission and I approve of the Bill as a whole.
Substituted section 372, semi-annual return of accidents.

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