March 2, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Allen Bristol Aylesworth (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



I think a very good illustration of the misfortune which I have referred to is furnished by this affair and by one, at least, of the incidents in connection with it. When the matter was first discussed, while in committee of supply on the 11th of February last, I gave as full and as frank a statement as I was able to give from memory of all that had occurred in connection with the events of now nearly two years ago. I understood the hon. gentleman (Mr. Taylor) to express himself at that time as pleased with the fullness of the explanation that was given. A few days afterwards, however, a question was put upon the Order Paper designed-to cross examine shall I say-I will prefer to say designed to bring out more fully all possible facts in connection with this particular escape. To that question I gave as full an answer as, I venture to think the circusmtances of the case admit of, on the 17th of February last, and I have but to refer hon. gentlemen who desire any information in connection with this matter to the pages of ' Hansard ' at 1228 and 1229 in which they will find as precise and as complete a summary of the official file in this matter as it was possible for me to frame after going over that file myself from beginning to end for the purpose of giving the answer which is there set down. Now, that answer was given on the 17th of February ult.; it was telegraphed to the British Columbia newspapers and among others to which that answer purported to have been telegraphed was the newspaper with which the name of the hon. gentleman (Mr. J. D. Taylor) is connected.

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