March 2, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Haughton Lennox

Conservative (1867-1942)


He was the ohief spokesman in favour of this scheme to promote the general interest and prosperity of Canada through his own riding and through his own supporters. The hon. gentleman (Sir Wm. Mulock) seems to have been the ohief person on that occasion, as we would naturally ex pect him to be.
Since that meeting government engineers have made careful survey of the territory

Mark you, my hon. friend, the Minister of Justice tells us to-night that this scheme originated in a deputation coming down and waiting upon Sir William Mulock in the city of Ottawa, but I will point out to you, Mr. Chairman, that Sir William Mulock on this occasion, invites me to attend with the deputation.
It would need to be careful if it favours the putting through of this canal.
The Minister of Justice seemed to think that I used to be in favour of this scheme. I thank God I never was.
-and, although no official report has yet been made, it is pretty well understood that the engineers will report favourably upon the matter.
They have their instructions, in other words, I need not take up much time over the intervening part. I appreciate that it might be said that this newspaper item may not be correct. Surely it cannot be that the engineers were actually on the ground surveying it before the deputation came down at all. Let us see as to that. Turning over a few pages I find this:

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