March 3, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. GEO. P. GRAHAM (Minister of Railways and Canals): (Minister of Railways and Canals)


1. I am not prepared to say how many crossings the Grand Trunk Railway Company have in Canada, but I understood Mr. Hays to make the statement that there are about 3,000. It seems to me that it would be comparatively correct The Board of Railway Commissioners have not the plans
of the Grand Trunk Railway system. These plans were filed many years ago, probably with the government, and long before the board was in existence. The only plans that the board has are locations made by railways since 1904. Plans previous to that date are with the Department of Railways and Canals.
2. Submitted herewith is a list of the plans of the larger cities and the Grand Trunk and Canadian Pacific Railway Companies are supplying the smaller ones at the present time showing what crossings are protected and unprotected in the cities.
3. No statement has been furnished by the Grand Trunk Railway Company to the board as to what crossings they think require protection, and while a large number of orders have been made ordering protection, it does not appear that the question of general protection has ever been taken up by the board with the company.
4. The average cost of installing a gate is about $600. That would be approximately $700 in a city where the street is wider and a tower is used and $500 on a crossing in the country. With a watchman, fuel for his equipment, oil for his lights, shovels, etc., the average up-keep for a gate operated in day time only would be $600 per year. If operated day and night $1,200. This would cover all contingencies for ordinary repairs to the gate.
List of City Plans, Eastern Lines.
Belleville, city plans, shows crossings.
Guelph, city plan, shows crossings.
Hamilton, city plan, shows crossings.
Ingersoll, city plan, shows crossings.
London, city plan, Canadian Pacific Railway plan, shows crossings.
Montreal, city plan, shows Canadian Pacific crossings; Canadian Pacific plan shows Cote St. Paul; Grand Trunk plan of terminals, crossings; Canadian Northern Quebec Railway location city.
Ottawa, city plan.
Quebec, Canadian Pacific Railway plan.
Toronto, city plan, showing Canadian Pacific crossings.
Toronto, city plan showing Grand Trunk
Woodstock, Grand Trunk partial plan.
Niagara Falls, Grand Trunk street crossings.
St. Catharines, Grand Trunk street crossings.
Brantford, Toronto, Hamilton and Brantford location, city.
Edmonton, city plan
Medicine Hat, city plan.
Regina, Canadian Pacific Railway yards.
Vancouver, city plan.
Winnipeg, Canadian Northern Railway yards.
Winnipeg, Canadian Pacific Railway yards.

Fort William, Canadian Pacific Railway yards.
Port Arthur, Canadian Pacific Railway yards.

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