May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jabel Robinson


Mr. JABEL ROBINSON (West Elgin).

I have a charge to make against my hon. friend from Huntingdon, and that is, that he has not stated how many times the independent members have spoken. Now, I have done some criticising myself, but have not gone into statistics like my hon. friend to ascertain how often each member has spoken. If I were to attempt any calculation, It would be to ascertain how long members spoke and how little they said. I have no fault to find with any member of this House who makes a speech on any subject in which his constituents are interested, because that is what we are here for. But when he speaks he ought to say something ; and I do not think I am very far astray in saying that a great deal of time has been wasted in deluging this House with mere verbiage-only sound and nothing more. I have listened very attentively to most of the debates of this House, and I think, as regards attendance, I can carry off the palm from the hon. member for Huntingdon. But I do hope than in the future, when any gentleman rises to address this House, he will have something to say and not bore the House and load down ' Hansard ' for nothing.

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