March 26, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Warner Herbert Jorgenson

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Jorgenson:

I wish to deal for a few moments with the estimates before us. On March 5, when the minister spoke, he made a few statements I want to deal with. It has been a habit of the minister's, in our experience, to find some late hour in the evening to put a few remarks on the record that bear little relation to facts, and then to persuade the house leader not to bring that particular item back for several weeks, hoping that the members of this party will have forgotten some of the comments which have been made. I assure the minister, and I regret that he is not here, that I should now deal with some of his remarks of March 5.
Among other things he said that he had made as many speeches supporting agriculture as anyone in the house. I will not deny that. The fact remains that he has done as little for agriculture as any minister who has ever held that portfolio. The imagination he

has used in developing agricultural policy is about as barren as the imagination that goes into an Air Canada breakfast.

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