March 26, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Michael Starr (Official Opposition House Leader; Progressive Conservative Party House Leader)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Starr:

No, Mr. Chairman, I do not think that suggestion makes any sense at all. I am suggesting that we sit an hour and 45 minutes tonight. We sat until after eleven o'clock yesterday to complete the estimates of one department. I am suggesting that we sit an hour and 45 minutes tonight and complete interim supply for all departments.
We talk about reforming the Senate, and in the same breath say that one hour is enough time for them to consider supplementary estimates and interim supply for two months, when we have spent 10 or 11 days here considering the supplementary estimates. I do not think that is fair to the Senate. No wonder people look at the Senate and say it should be reformed. Let us give them an opportunity to discuss these matters all afternoon. We should give them an opportunity for fair discussion. Then we could have royal assent at six o'clock, or whatever the time is.

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