March 27, 1968 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lawrence T. Pennell (Solicitor General of Canada)


Mr. Pennell:

Mr. Chairman, as the committee is aware it is customary at the beginning of a new fiscal year to request $1 billion in net new borrowing authority. This bill before you requests $2 billion. The additional amount of $1 billion is being sought at this time to enable the government, if circumstances require it, to borrow substantial sums in terms of foreign currencies. The full amount of this authority may not be required. It is important, however, for the government to have flexibility in its debt management planning and operation.
To assist the committee I would point out that the total borrowing authority authorized annually by parliament in the last few years have been as follows: 1960-61, $1,500 million; 1961-62, $2,000 million; 1962-63, $2,500 million; 1963-64, $2,000 million; 1964-65, $1,750 million; 1965-66, $1,750 million; 1966-67;
$1,750 million.
I respectfully suggest that this bill follows the usual form of the last few years.

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