September 12, 1968 (28th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Réal Caouette

Ralliement Créditiste

Mr. Real Caouelte (Temiscamingue):

Mr. Fraser, when the appointment of a permanent Speaker was discussed some months ago, the Hon. Lucien Lamoureux was suggested for this position, and we were happy to think that he might become permanent Speaker of this house. The hon. Lucien Lamoureux possesses obvious qualities thanks to which he has shown himself to be, during the 27th Parliament, one of the great Speakers in the history of the House of Commons. He acted with impartiality, and even when Parliament was led by a minority government, he managed to do a difficult job very well, in spite of a situation which was often rather awkward.
This time, the Speaker will preside over the deliberations of a parliament led by a majority government, and this for the first time in six years. At this time, I feel that the hon. Mr. Lamoureux has, once again, all the unquestionable qualities required to know that we must protect the minorities. Now, we will be a minority. I am of the opinion, in short, I am already convinced that the hon. Mr. Lamoureux will treat the members of parliament, the appointees of the people as they should be treated in a democratic parliament. We have been appointed by the Canadian people: the hon. Mr. Lamoureux knows that.
We, of the Ralliement Creditiste, are indeed very happy to support fully the motion of the right hon. Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau), seconded by the Leader of the Official Opposition (Mr. Stanfield), for the appointment of the hon. Mr. Lamoureux as Speaker of the house during the session opening today.
Therefore, we wish every success to the hon. Mr. Lamoureux, and we feel sure that the members will be treated equitably, in all
fairness, for the common good of the Canadian people.

The Clerk of the House declared the motion carried in the affirmative, nemine contradicente, and Lucien Lamoureux, Esquire, member for the electoral district of Stormont-Dundas, duly elected to the Chair of the house.
Mr. Lamoureux was conducted from his seat in the house to the Speaker's chair by Right Hon. P.-E. Trudeau and Hon. Robert L. Stanfield.
[DOT] (11:10 a.m.)

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