May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Bolsover P.O.:

Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 208 (i).
Brandon Postmaster, Man., Dismissal, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Boyd) 110 lit Brick County, Postmaster : in Com. of Sup., Bruce, North, Election, Transfer op Mail 495 (i).
Clerks, See. : Par. in Newspaper (Mr. Sprout' ) 1578, 1593 (i).
Bulwer, Postmistress, Dismissal, &c.: in
Com. of Sun., 480 (i).
Carter, Mr. S. ,L, Dead Letter Branch :
in Com. of Sup.. 191 (i).
Cayouette, Elizabeth, Dismissal, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Morin) 1405 (i).
Central Ry., N.B., Mail Contract with Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Wihnol) 1593 (i). Clarencevii.le and Lacolle Mail Carrier, Extra Pay, 4c. : Ques. (Mr. Pope) 1248 (i). Coe Hill Mines and Apsley Mail Service : Ques. (Mr. t'arscallen) 2989, 3179 (ii).
Cooch, Mr.. Duties. &c.: in Com. of Sup., 191. Country Postmasters : in Com. of Slip., 487.
Craig, Mr. John, Dismissal: Ques. (Mr. Roche, Marquette) 91 (i).

See ' Strathclair. '
Donegal Post Office, Closing, See.: in Com. of Sup., 459 (i).
Drayton, Postmistress, Date of Afpnmt.: llues. (Mr. Met Iowan) 1439 (i). # Dhummoniiville Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 1243 ii).
EdwaiidsBURg Post Office, Pet.,&0.: in Com. of Sup., 485 (i).
Foster, Mr. A., Superannuation, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Taylor) 1795 (i).
Found's Mill to Emerald Junction Mail Service : Ques. (Mr. Hackclt) 5211 (ii). Freeport Post Office: in Com. of Sup., 481. Gananouce Letter Boxes, Contract rc Collections, 4c.: Ques. (Mr. Taylor) 2704 (i) Gooi ilands, Man., Postmaster, Dismissal, &0.: Ques. (Mr. Roche, Marquette) 2776 (i). Greknvale Postmaster, Salary, 4c. : Ques.
(Mr. Belt, Pictou) 3458 (ii).

See 'Pietou.'
Hamilton, Sub-post Office. 4c.: M. for copies of Pets.* (Mr. Barker) 1405 (i).

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