May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Quebec Harbour Commissioners Act Amt. B.@

License for Lobster Packing, Agent,
&c.: Ques. (Mr. Kaulbach) 1591 (i).

Sec ' Fox Buy. "
Bennett's Cu tting, I.C.R,: in Com. of Sup., 4379. Buckingham Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 1243. Buildings : in Com. of Sup., 4391 (ii'.
Bulwer Postmistress, Dismissal, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 480 (i).
Carillon and Grenville Canal, Rebuilding Guide : in Com. of Sup., 5625 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Monk) 2988 (ii).
Caughnawaga Mission House : in Com. of Sup., 5319 (ii).
Cayouette, Elizabeth, Dismissal, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Morin) 1405 (i).
Census Commissioner for Dorchester: Ques. (Mr. Morin) 807 (i).
Chambly Canal, Repairs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 4388 (ii).

St. Johns Drainage Works : in Com. of
Sup , 5632 (ii).
Cinomars vs. Senegal : M. for Papers* (Mr. Fortin) 225 (i).
Clarenoevii.le and Laoolle Mail Carrier, Extra Pay, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Pope) 1248 (i)., Mu. B., Contracts for Supplies : in Com. of Sup., 257 (i).
Coleraine Indian Lands, Tenders, &c.: Ques.
(Mr. Morin) 3457 (ii). I
Collin, Klzear, Fishery Guardian, Dismissal, * Stc.: Ques. (Mr. Mart-mean) 5213 (ii). ;
CSte St. Paul Bridge, Lachine Canal : in | Com. of Sup., 4388 (iil. I

Cost of Construction : M. (Mr. Monk)1
for Cor., 2586 (i).

Macadamizing Road : in Com. of Sup., !
5624 (ii).

See 'Lachine,' 'Canals,' &e.
Culbute Canal, Damages by Floods : in Com. of Sup., 4383 (ii).
Daggett, Mr. M. C., Anticosti Island : Ques. (Mr. Kaulbach) 1591 (i).
Des Joachims Bridge: in Com. of Sup., 3523.
Dredges for St. Lawrence Channel : in Com. of Sup., 1173 (i).
Drummondville Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 1243 (i).

Road Diversion, I. C. R.: in Com. of
Sup., 5216 (ii).
Father Point Landing Pier : in Com. of Sup., 3497 (ii).
Fox Bay Settlers: in Com. of Sup., 2968, 2981.
'Frank Perew,' Tug, Repairs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5624 (ii).
Gagne, Mr. Justice, Charges against: Ques. (Mr. Brunean) 4646 (ii).
Gaspe Hatchery : in Com. of Sup., 4588 (ii).
Grain Cargo received at Montreal, Size, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 201 (i).
Grain Inspection at Montreal, Appnmt. of Commission : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 327 (i).
G.T.R. and Montreal Shipping Port, &c. * Ques. (Mr. Monk) 92, 108 (i).
Grosse Isle Quarantine Station : in Com. of Sup., 4391, 5689 (ii).

Tuberculine Test : Ques. (Mr. McGowan)
85 (i). ~ '
Harbours and Rivers: in Com. of Sup., 3497 4399. 5707 (ii).
Hull Landing Pier : in Com. of Sup., 3498 5707 (ii).
Ile aux Grubs Wharf, &c.: in Com. of Sun
5707 (ii).
Immigrant Sheds, Louise Embankment, Quebec City : in Com. of Sup., 5688 (ii).
I.C.R., Commissions re Damages to Property. Stc.: Ques. (Mr. Gauereau) 504, 1004 (i).

' Herald,' Montreal, Lease of Office
&c.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 605 (i).

Levis Increased Accommodation * in
Coni, of Sup., 4124 (ii).

Montreal and Campbellton Division,
Extension, &c. : Ques. (Mr. bcchcnc) 1999 (i).
Judicial Business, Quebec, Montreal, Sic.: Ques. (Mr. Lemicux) 3177 (ii).
Kinneak's Mills, Investigation, &c.: M. for Papers (Mr. Turcot) 86 (i).
Knowlton, Mr. H. C.: in Com. of Sup., 996 (i).
Lachine Canal, Bridge over CSte St. Paul, Cost of Construction, &c.: M. (Mr. Monk) for Cor., &e., 2586 (i).

See * CSte St. Paul.'

Building New Lock : in Com. of Sun
5620 (ii).

Contract, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Haggarl) 1067.

Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1405 (i).

Lockmen, Sunday Services, &c.: in Com
of Sup., 4389 (ii).

Masonry Wall, Protection, &c. : in
Com. of Sup., 4313 (ii).

Repairs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 4387 (ii).

Slope Walls, Pontoon Gate, &c. : in
Com. of Sup., 5621 (ii).

Weirs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 4380 (ii)
Lfcvis Brigade Camp, Irregularities, Stc. : dues. (Mr. Morin) 2994 (ii).

Graving Dock, Land Expropriation, &c. :
in Com. of Sup., 5651 (ii).

TRAVELLING crane : in Com. of Sup., 5709.

Land expropriated for I.C.R.: in Com.
of Shp., 5651 (ii).

Winter Trips : in Com. of Sup., 251 (l).
Micmao Indians, Ste. Anne de Restigouche, Charges against : in Com. of Sup., 2754 (i).

Duties of Agent : M. for Cor.* (Mr. Sproule) 816 (i).
Montreal, Custom House, Alterations, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5691 (ii).

District Judges, Increase of Salary,
&c.: prop. Res. (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 3460; in Com. on Res., 4066 (ii).
Electoral Lists, Printing, &c.: Ques.
(Mr. Monk) 331 (i).
- Harbour Accommodation :
in Com. of
Sup., 1180 (i).
- Harbour Commissioners, Allowances, ike.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 3178, 327U (ii).
- Harbour Loan : prop. Res. (Mr. Fielding) 4870 ; in Com. on Res., 5289 (ii).
Harbour Works, Contract, &c.: Ques.
(Mr. Haggart) 1068 (i).
Ac.: M. for
Copies* (Mr. Haggart) 1406 (i).
- and Manchester SS. Subsidy :
in Com.
of Sup., 5768 (iil - Mill Street Paving :
in Com. of Sup.,
Quebec, Election Law, Pet. for Disallowance, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Monk) 5613, 5715 (ii).

and Lake St. John Colonization Ry. :
in Com. of Sup., 4857 (ii).

and Murray Bay Winter Service, SS.
Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 5777 (ii).

and New Brunswick Ry. Co.'s Subsidy :
prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res., 5519 (ii).

Post Office, Improvements, &o.: in Com.
of Sup., 5688 (ii).
Wharfs : Remarks in Com. of Sup. (Mr. 5621 (ii).
- Post Office, Improvements, &c. : in Com.
of Sup., 5688 (ii). .
- Public Buildings, Alterations, &c.i in Com. of Sup., 5689 (ii).
- and Province Line Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res., 5531 (ii).
- Turnpike Trust Bonds, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 203 (i).
- RECEIPTS, &c. :
M. (Mr. Monk) for Ret.,
545, 2571 (i).

Watch Case Co.: in Com. of Sup., 268(i).
Murray Bay Wharf Extension : in Com. of Sup., 5709 (ii).
Nelson & Sons, Refund to : in Com. of Sup., 4726, 5468 (ii).
Nicolet Station, I.C.R. Construction, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5226 (ii).
Oka Indians, Removal, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 2754 (i).
Paquet, Jos., Pilot, Appnmt. by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Casgrain) 2204 (i).
Paspebiac and Caplin (Hamilton Bridge Co.) Ry. Co.'s Subsidy: prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res., 5535 (ii).
Pekibonka Immigrant Building : in Com. of Sup., 4391 (ii). .
Plains of Abraham, Purchase, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5809 (ii).

Cartridge Factory : in Com. of Sup.,
3439 (ii). a

Central Ry., Train Service, &o.: Ques.
(Mr. Fortin) 4643 (ii).

Cold Storage Co.: in Com. of Sup., 5179.
* Dairy Industry, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Angers)
5586 (ii).
Monk) 5708 (ii).
- Sec ' Immigrant Sheds.'
Restigouche and Western Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res., 5554 (ii) ,
Returning Officers in Quebec, Mileage, &o.: Ques. (Mr. Oauvreau) 1589 (i).
Richelieu River Beacons, Maintenance, &o.: Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 2775, 2988 (ii).
Riviere acx Renards : in Com. of Sup., 3498.
Robekval, Quebec and James Bay Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res , 5575 (ii).
St. Alexis Pier : in Com. of Sup., 3498 (ii).
Ste. Anne's Lock, Sift., Salary, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 2705 (i).
Ste. Anne de Sobel Ice Guards : Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 2775 (i).
Ste. Emilie Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 4399.
St. Hyaointhe Drill Hall : in Com. of Sup., 5690 (ii).
St. Jerome Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 3498 (ii).
St. Lambert Protection Walls : in Com. of Sup., 3499 (ii).
St. Lawrence and Belle Island Telegraph Line : in Com. of Sup., 3529 (ii).
St. Lawrence Ship Channel : in Com. of Sup., 1173 (i).
Aid to Navigation, &.c. : in Com. of
Sup., 5188 (ii).
- Depth of Water, &o.
Ques. (Mr. Kemp)
205 (i).

Ques. of Order (Mr. Speaker) 20(5 (i).

Lighting, &c : in Com. of Sup., 274 (i).
- Navigation, Investigation, &c. : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 4197 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Monk) 4231 (ii'
- Surveys, ike. : in Com.
4382 (ii).
Winter Navigation :
of Sup.,
in Com. of Sup.,
276 (i).
St. Laurent Public Building : in Com. of Sup., 4392 (ii).
Louis Lake, Hydrographic Survey : in Com. of Sup., 4309 (ii).
Maurice Slides and Booms: in Com. of Sup., 927 (i), 3523, 5767 (ii); cone., 2349 (i). Regis Indian Lock-up : in Coni, of Sup., 2756 (i).
St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary: in Com. of Sup., 2649 (i), 4636 (ii).

Charges against Guards : in Com. of
Sup., 2649 (i).

Inspector, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Fortin) 5823.

Lussier's Claim : in Com. of Sup., 4636.
Sorel Harbour Works, Contracts, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Haggart) 1067 (i).

Post Office, Revenue, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 2705 (i).

Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 3499, 4791 (ii).

Workshops for Dredge Building : in
Com. of Sup., 1193 (i).
Soulanges Canal, Construction : in Com. of Sup., 4306 (ii).

Tadousac Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 3500 (ii). Three Rivers, &c., Public Offices, Caretakers, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 2775 (i). Trois Pistoles Station, I. C. R. : Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 504 (i).
Valleyfield Riots : Ques. (Mr. Puttee) 85 (i).

M. for Cor. (Mr. Monk) 2583, 2001 (i).

Affidavits read (Mr. Monk) on M. for
Com. of Sup., 4536 (ii).

Remarks (Mr. Boy) to M for Com. of
Sup., 3754 ; affidavits read, 3756 (ii).

Ques. of Order (Mr. Sutherland) 3755 ;
Ruling (Mr. Speaker) 3756 (ii).
Victoria Bridge, Payment to (4. T. R. : Ques. (Mr. Monk) 108 (i).
Victoriaville Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 2547 (i).
Queen's Birthday Bill, &c. : Remai-ks (Mr. Maclean) 3537 (ii).

See 'Victoria Day.'
Queen's Birthday, Perpetuation, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bruce) 333 (i).
Queen Victoria, Decease of, Mess, from Colonial Office re Address : Presented, 3454 (ii).

See ' Address,' &c.

Victoria Statue : in Com. of Sup., 3163 (ii).
Queen's County, P.E.I., Fishing Bounties, Distribution of Cheques : Ques. (Mr. Hackett) 2777 (i). Queen's, P.E.I., Ret. of Member : Notification (Mr. Speaker) 2567 (i).
Queen's, East. See ' P. E. I. '
Quesnelle and Atlin Telegraph Lines : in Com. of Sup., 4271, 5687 (ii)
Quoddy River, Overseer : in Com. of Sup., 4588. Rails : See 'Steel,' &e.

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