May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Railway Subsidies Authorization B.

See ' Subsidies,' &c.
Amherst Subway, Land Damages: in Com. of Sup., 2715 (i).
Bennett's Cutting, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup.,
4379 (ii).
Blue Shank, Straightening Line : in Com. of Sup., 4224 (ii).
Canada Atlantic and I. C. R. Freight Rates, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Kemp) 1590 (i).
Canada Eastern Ry., Res. from N. B. Boards of Trade, received by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Robinson, N.B.) 3753 (ii). '
Canada Eastern Ry., Stmnt., &o., to A. Gibson: Ques. (Mr. Wallace) 1583 (i).
C. P. R. Charter, Judicial Interpretation re Exemption Clause: Ques. (Mr. Richardson, Lisyar) 3459 (ii).

Land Grants, N.W.T. and Man.: Ques.
(Mr Scott) 5207 (ii).

Tax Exemption, Ref. to Supreme Court:
Notice of Motion (Mr. Davis) 1168 (i).
Canso Ferry Service : in Com. of Sup., 4379, 5217 (ii).

Wharf Accommodation : in Com. of
Sup., 4159 (ii).
Cardigan Station, P.E.I., Purchase of Land : in Com. of Sup., 4380 (ii).
Chamberlain, Mrs., Gratuity to : in Com. of Sup., 4386 (ii).
Clergue's Contract for Steel Rails, &c., I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 2628, 2719 (i), 35373640, 3724-52, 5309 (ii).

Inquiry for Papers (Mr. Haygart) 4902,
5215 (ii).

See * I.C.R.,' &c.
' Cleveland ' Cylinders, Equipment re I. C. R. Engines: Ques. (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 3641.
Crow's Nest Line, Coal Lands, &o. : Ques. (Mr. Sproule) 4644 (ii).
Dismissals, etc., P.E.I. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4225 (ii).
Drummondville Road Diversion, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 5216 (ii).
Eastern Extension Award, N.B., Charged to Capital Account : Ques. (Mr. Fowler) 2162.
Eastern Extension Ry., N.S., Arbitration, &c.: Ques. (Sir Charles Hilbert Tapper) 203.

Inquiry for O. C. (Sir Charles Hilbert
Tapper) 1961 (i).

See general heading.
Eel River Station, I.C.R., Construction: in Com. of Sup., 5226 (ii).
Engine Houses, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 2642.
Freight Rates for Govt. Employees on Govt. Rys.: Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 1586 (i).
Gordon Point, P. E.I., Pet. for Pier, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lcfurgcy) 2163 (i).
Gov. Gen.'s Car, Repairs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5632 (ii).
Govt. Employees, Freight rates, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 15S6 (i).
Govt. Railways, Expenditure from 1900 to
1901 : Ques. (Mr. Barker) 2702 (i).
G. T. Rv., Rental, See.: in Coin, of Sup., 4321.

Payments to by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Monk)
108 (i).
Great North-west Central Ry. Lands, &o.:
Ques.: (Mr. Davis) 809 (i).

Halifax Accommodation, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 2/06 (i), 5216 (ii).

See 4 Halifax,' 4I.C.R.,' Ac.
Jones, Ralph, Payments to : Ques. (Mr. Ingram) 509 (i).
Kingston Locomotive Works, Contract rc Rolling Stock : in Com. of Sup., 4165 (ii).

clause re Wages : Ques. (Mr. Clarke)
1994 (i)

Con., M. (Sir Charles Hilbert Tapper)
111 (i).

Govt. Contract with I.C.R.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 1068 (i).

Strike, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Puttee) on M.
for Com. of Sup., 5433, 5442 (ii).
Labour Clause rc Clergue's Contract : in Com. of Sup., 2646 (i).
Lake Erie and Detroit R.R. Subsidy : Ques. (Mr. Robinson, Elgin) 109 (i).
Lands, of Rys., B.C., Sale, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Prior) 4752 (ii).
Land expropriated at Levis for I. C. R.: in Com. of Sup., 5651 (ii).
Levis Graving Dock, Travelling Crane : in Com. of Sup., 5709 (ii).
Mackenzie A Mann Claim, Papers re : Inquiry for Ket. (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 2611 (i), 4195, 4647, 4002 (ii).
McKnight, Mr. S. L. T., Appnmt., Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 5649 (ii).
MoLellan, John B., Sale of Ry. Ties to I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 5633 (ii).
Machinery for Shops, P.E.I. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4227 (ii).
Moncton Car Shops, Extension, Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 4153 (ii).
Murray Harbour Branch, P.E.I. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4191, 4228 (ii).
Newspapers, Sale of, on I. C. R., &c.: Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 2988 (ii).
Nicolet Station, I.C.R., Construction, Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 5226 (ii).
Norton Station, P.E.I., Accident: in Com. of Sup., 4227 (ii).
N. S. Southern Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4315 (ii).
O'Leary and West Point Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4314 (ii).

Pet. rc Construction at O'Leary Station : Ques. (Mr. Hackett) 1795 (i).
Ontario, Ry. Subsidies, Amounts paid, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Hughes, P. E.I.) 5585 (ii).
Ottawa and C. P. R. Crossings : Ques. (Mr. Birkett) 95 (i).
Passekeag Station, I. C. R., Erection, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Fowler) 113 (i).
Pictou Stat on Accommodation : in Com. of Sup., 5216 (ii).
Pintsch Gas Equipment for I. C. R.: in Com. of Sup., 4158, 5217 (ii).
Pontiac County, Ry. Indebtedness, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Murray) on M. for Coin, of Sup., 5611 (ii).
Quebec Central, Ry. Train Service, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Fortin) 4643 (ii).
Quebec and Lake St. John Colonization Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4857 (ii).
Railway ani >
Canal Collections, Papers re : in Com. of Sup., 2645 (i).

Deptl. Rep.: Presented (Mr. Blair) 105.

Dept.: in Coni, of Sup., 187, 2628(i)3537,
3724, 4124, 4318, 5617 (ii).

I. C. R.: in Com. of Sup., 3537, 3724,
5213 (ii).
Rys. and Canals, Repairing, Working Expenses : in Com. of Sup., 4322 (ii).
Railway Commissioners, Board of : prop. Res. (Mr. Davis) 816 (i).
Debate (Mr. Richardson, Lisgeer) 829, 861; (Mr. Tisdale) 834 ; (Mr. Scott) S40; (Mr. Oliver) 844 ; (Mr. Holmes) 845 ; (Mr. Robinson, Elgin) 847 : (Mr. Galliher) 848; (Mr. Puttee) 850; (Mr. (Sprnule) 851; (Mr. McCreary) 857 ; (Mr. Kendall) 862 ; (Mr. Blair) 862, 872 ; (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 877 ; (Mr. Osier) 880 (i).
Ry. Commission, Information, Expenses, Ac.:
in Com, of Sup., 5633 (ii).

Ry. Com.: M. (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) to
substitute Name, 1961 (i).
Ry. Com. Privy Council, Application from Toronto re Level Crossings : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 3456 (ii).

See 4 Toronto.'
Ry. Corporations, Dom. Charters : M. for List.* (Mr. Smith, Vancouver) 132 (i).
Ry. Lands, B.C., Sale, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Prior) 4752 (ii).
Railway Mail Clerks, Insufficient Number,
Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 4019 (ii).
Railway Question : on M. to adjnJMr. Maclean) 52 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Speaker) 52 (i).

Amt. to Com. of Sup. (Mr. Maclean) 137 ;
Debate (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 154; (Mr. Blair) 158 ; (Mr. Heyel) 160 ; (Mr. Monk) 161; (Mr. Bourasset) 165 ; (Mr. Wallace) 168 ; (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 172 (i).
Ry. Service, P.E.I.: Telegram read (Mr. Hackett) 1498 (i).

See 4 P.E.I.' Ac.
Railway Subsidies : in Com. on Ry. Subsidies, 5472 (ii).

voted by Parlt : M. for Ret. (Mr. Wilson) 87 (i).

Amounts paid, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Henderson) 5581 (ii).

by Municipalities : Ques. (Mr. Hue/hes,
Victoria) 202, 329 (i).
Regina, Long Lake and Saskatchewan Ry.
Lands, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Dans) 808 (i). Rocky Lake Bridge, I C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 2642 (i).
St. John Wiiarf, Increased Accommodation: in Com. of Sup., 4136 (ii).
St. John, I. C. R. and G. T. R., Terminals, Exports, Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 5218 (ii).

Wharf, Conveyer: in Com. of Sup.,
4378 (ii).

cor. O.U.'s, Ac.: M. for Copies (Mr. Fowler) 1266 (i).
Sekvis Railroad Tie Plates, Purchases, Ac.:
M. for Ret.* (Mr. Fowler) 1267 (i).
Sidings, Ac., P.E.I.: in Com. of Sup., 4219 (i). Steel Rails and Fastenings, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 2628 (i), 5218, 5225 (ii).

P. E. I. Ry. : in Com. of Sup., 4226, 4380.

See general heading.
Stellakton Station Accommodation, I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 5216 (ii).
Sydney Coal Mines, Strike. Ac.: in Com. of
Sup., 5300 (ii).
Sydney and East Bay Ry., Cor., Ac.: M. for Copy* (Mr. Johnston, Cape Breton) 1266 (i).

Engine House : in Com.-of Sup., 2644 (i).

Ry. Accommodation : in Com. of Sup.,
2716 (i).

Yard Improvements, Contracts, Ac.: M.
for Copies * (Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper) 1267 (i).

See ' X. S. ' Ac.
Telephone Companies, Mileage, Ac.: Ques.
(Mr. Clarke) 5585 (ii).
Toronto Level Crossing, re Application to Ry. Com.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 3456 (ii).

Sec gi leral head! g.

Trainmen, P.E.I. Rv., Number, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Hackett) 4194 (ii).

Mail Service : in Com. of Sup., 477 (i).
Rama Indians, Medical Attendance, &c.: in Com.
of Sup., 2753 (i).

Ques. (Mr. McLeod) 200 (i).

Printing, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 92 (i).
Agriculture (Mr. Fisher) 51 (i).
Bonds and Securities, Stmnt. (Mr. Fielding) 51 (i). .
Chartered Banks of Canada (Mr. Fielding) 2056 (i).
Civil Service List (Sir Wilfrid Lavricr) 239 (i). Experimental Farms (Mr. Fisher) 892 (i). Geological Survey (Mr. Sifton) 2778 (i).
Inland Revenue (Mr. Bernier) 51 (i).
Interior (Mr. sifton) 50 (i).
Marine (Sir Louis Davies) 51 (i).
Militia and Defence (Mr. Borden, King's) 694 North-west Mounted Police (Sir Wilfrid La uric?') 510 (i).
Penitentiaries (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 80 (i).
Post Office (Mr. Mulock) 50 (i).
Public Accounts (Mr. Fielding) 50 (i). Railways and Canals (Mr. Blair) 105 (i).
Sec. ok State (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 136 (i). Trade and Commerce (Mr. Fielding) 1390 (i). Trade and Navigation Rets. (Mr. Paterson) 62.
Restigouche and Western Rv. Co.'s Subsidy : prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360 ; in Com. on Res., 5554 (ii).
Retiring Allowances, Militia, on M. for Com. of Sup.: Remarks (Mr. Thompson) 3373 (ii).

See ' Militia. '
Returns, Inquiry for, 094 (i).

(Sir Charles Hibbert Tapper) 1901 (i).

(Mr. Wilson) 895, 1432 (i).
Returning Officers in Quebec, Mileage, &c. Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 1589 (i).
Revenue and Expenditures, Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 435 (i).
Rice Imports for 1900 from G. B.: Ques. (Mr. Clancy) 2000 (i).
Rice Lake and Port Hope, Survey, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Ward) 007 (i).v
Richelieu River Beacons, Maintenance, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Brancau) 2775 (i), 2988 (ii).
Ricribccto Public Building : in Com. of Sup., 5688 (ii).
Rideau Hall, Repairing Damages by Eire : in Com. of Sup., 4391 (ii).


Repairs, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3147 (ii).

See ' Pub. Works. '
Ridingstone and Milk River Boundary Fence : in Com. of Sup., 5451 (ii).
Rifle Associations, Govt. Grants : in Com. of Sup., 3774 (ii).

Ranges, Grants, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 3787.

Shooting, Annual Payment, Ammunition,
&c. : prop. Res. (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 1281, 1286 (i).

See 'Militia,' &c.
River St. John Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 3495 (ii).

See 'St. John,' &e.
Riviere aux Renards : in Com. of Sup., 3498 (ii).
Riviere du Loup Branch, Foremen, Salaries, &c.: * Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau) 2989 (ii).

News Agents, <tc. : Ques. (Mr. Gauvrcau)
2988 (ii).
Roads and Bridges : in Com. of Sup., 3523 (ii).

Ottawa, Repairs, &c. : in Com. of Sup..
4402 (ii).

Yukon, Construction, &c. : Ques. (Sir
Charles Hibbert Tapper) 1252 (i).

Sec ' Pub. Works, ' &c.
Robertson, Mr. Justice, Infirmity, Complaints against, itc.: Ques. (Mr. Stephens) 5586 (ii).
Roberval, Quebec and James Bay Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : prop. Res. (Mr. Blair) 5360; in Com. on Res., 5575 (ii)
Rockliffe Range, Ry. Extension, Rates, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 4348, 4639 (ii).
Rocky Lake Bridge, I.C.R. : in Com. of Sup., 2642.
Rocky Point, P.E.I., Breakwater, Extension,&c.: Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 2571 (i).
Rolling Stock, I.C.R., &c. : in Com. of Sup.,4165, 4213, 4378 (ii).

Locomotives, etc. purchased : Ques. (Mr. Haggart) 331 (i).

Sec ' I.C.R.,' 'Railways,' Sic.

Rondeau Harbour : in Com. of Sup., 3511 (ii). Rooms in H. ok C., Allotment, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Robinson, Elgin) 69 (i).
Rosseau River Indian Reserve : Ques. (Mr. La-Rivilre) 82 (i).
Ross, Hon. J. J., Sessional Indemnity : in Com. of Sup., 5781 (ii).
Rossland Public Building : in Com. of Sup., 3099. Rothesay Votehs'List, Fraudulent Names added : Ques. (Mr. Fowler) 2571 (i).
Round Bay Canal, Construction, &c.: Ques.
(Mr. Bell, Pictou) 2203, 2397 (i).
Rourke, \\ m., Contracts, &c. : M. for Copies (Sir Charles Hilbert Tapper) 80 (i).
Rotal Assent. See ' Bills.'
Royal Highnesses. See 'York.'
Royal Military College, Kingston : in Com. of Sup., 3782 (ii).

Extension, &c. : Letter from Robt. W. Saul,
read (Mr. Wallace) 4871 (ii).

Memorial to S. A. Cadets : in Com. of
Sup., 4351, 5314 (ii).

See 'Militia,' &c.

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