May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Shipping Casualties Investigatian B.

Harbour Works, Contracts, Ac. : Ques. (Mr. Haggart) 1067 (i).

Post Office, Revenue, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Bruncau) 2705 (i).

Workshops for Dredge Building : in Com.
of Sup., 1193 (i).
Soulanges Canal, Construction : in Com. of Sup. >
4306 (ii).
Souris, Knight's Point Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 3466 (ii).
Axes supplied to British War Office, Contracts, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1593 (i). Baden-Powell's Police Force, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Bourassa) 106 (i).
'C' Battery Pay, Application to Rhodesian Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 501 (i).

M. for Papers, Ac. (Mr. Clarke) 123 (i).
Debate : (Mr. Northrop) 130; (Mr. Maclean) 130 ; (Mr. Hughes) 181 (i).

Ques. (Mr. C/nrke) 81 (i).

Ques. (Mr. Henderson) 84 (i).
Can. and Imp. Govts. Cor., Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Bourdssa) 106 (i).
Can. Intervention : Amt. (Mr, Bourassa) to Com. of Sup., 1290 (i). >
Notice of Motion : (Mr. Bourassa) 1069.

Cor. re Commissions to Can. Officers,
&c. :. Remarks (Mr. Bourassa) 5883 (ii).

Inquiry for Papers (Mr. Baumssa) 4409.
Constabulary Pensions, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3398 (ii).

Recruiting in N.B.: Ques. (Mr. Fowler)
2204 (i).

M. for Cor.* (Mr. Bourassa) 1206 (i).

Uniforms, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Prior)
1580 (i). '
Contingents, Difference in Pay, &o.: in Com.
of Sup., 3404 (ii).

See ' Pay. '

First, Additional Pay', &c. : in Com. of
Sup., 3397 (ii).

Par. re Australian Contingent : Remarks (Mr. Wallace) 135 (i).

Second, Govt. Insurance : in Com. of
Sup., 3399 (ii).
Correction of Speech in Hansard: (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 1797 (i).
Extra Salaries: in Com. of Slip., 4347 (ii). Graves of Can. Soldiers: Ques. (Mr. Ingram) 64 (i).
Mail Clerks in South Africa, Promotion, &o.: Ques. (Mr. Lavcrgne) 1439 (i).
INDEX. cxxiii
Maps, S. A. War, Distribution, &c.: in Com. of Sop., 3787 (ii).
Pat of Contingents, Par in London 1 Times ': on M. for Coin, of Sup. (Mr. Hughes Victoria)
911 (i)- ,

Deputt, Election of : M. (Sir Wilfrid
Laurier) 49 (i).
Speech from the Throne : Read (Mr. Speaker) 5 (i).

Prorogation, 5972 (ii).
Speeches of Members, Limitation, Ac.: M. (Mr. Charlton) 73 (i).

Remarks (Mr. Maclnrcn, Huntingdon) on M.
to adjn., 5954 (ii).
Speeches of P. M. G. at Meaford : in Com. of Sup., 436 (i).
Staff College Course, Imperial, Books, Data, Ac.: prop. Re.-. (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 1287 (i).

See ' Militia.'
Standing Committees, Meeting concurrentlt with Sittings of Hse. : M. (Mr. Britton) 4938, 5198 (ii).

M. (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) to add Names, 2702,

See ' Committees, ' Ac.
' Stanlet,' Str., and Winter Mail Service with P. E. I., Reps., &c.: M. for copies (Mr. Lefurgeg) 544 (i).
Staples Inspection ; in Com. of Sup., 4936 (ii).

See ' Commodities.'

Salaries of Inspectors, Ac. : in Com. of
Sup., 5779 (ii).
Statistical Branch, Customs : in Com. of Sup., 3S48 (ii).
Statutes, Consolidation, Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 2667 (i).

Dom., Revision of : Ques. (Mr. LaRiviere)
66 (i).
'Statistical Year Book': in Com. of Sup., 2828.

See ' Year Book.'
Steamboat Inspection : in Com. of Sup., 293 (i). Steam Communication, P.E.I., Claims re Maintenance of : prop. Res. (Mr. Fielding) 4535 (ii). Steamers, Construction, to replace old Strs : in Com. of Sup., 5185 (ii).

Govt., Supplies : in Com. of Sup., 240 (i).
- - See ' Marine,' &c.
Steel Rails, I.C.R.. Clergue's Contract: in Com. of Sup., 2G28, 2719 (i), 3537-3640, 3724-3752, 5218, 5225 (ii).

sale, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Bill, Pictou) 2203 (i).

See ' I. C. R.'
Steel Rails, Fastenings, &c., P. E. I. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 4226, 4380 (ii).
Steel Shelving : in Com. of Sup., 5692 (ii). Stellarton Station Accommodation, I. C. R. : in Com. of Sup., 5216 (ii).
Stenographers, Yukon, Salaries, Ac.: in Com. of Sup., 2658 (i)
Stevkston, B.C., Riots, Calling out Militia : Ques. (Mr. Morrison) 328 (i).
Stewart, Mr., Timber Inspector : in Com. of Sup., 186, 2689, 2839 (i).
Stoney Creek Monument, Scms voted, Ac.: Ques.
(Mr. Smith, Wentworth) 5210 (ii).
Stratford Postmaster, Dismissal : Ques. (Mr. MacLaren, Perth) 90 (i).
Strathclair Postmaster, Dismissal, &.C.: in Com. of Snp., 489 (i).

Ques. (Mr. Roche, Marquette) 91 (i).
Stubbs, Wm., Appnmt. by Govt.: in Com. of Sup., 1 4612 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 1999 (i).
Stuart, Mr., Commissioner to Paris Exposition : in Com. of Sup., 1000 (i).
Subsidies, P. E. I. Ry., Amounts paid, Ac.: Ques.
(Mr. Henderson) 5584 (ii).
Subsidies. See ' Railways, Ry. Subsidies,' Ac.
Algoma and C. P. Ry. Co.
Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Ry. Co. Bridgetown, N.S., and Middleton Ry. Co.
C.P.R. and Icelandic Ry. Co.
Central Ry. and Halifax Ry. Co.
Central Ontario Ry. Co.
Chipnian, N.B., and Gibson Ry. Co.
Grandigue Ferry, N.S., and Ariehat Ry. Co. G.T.R. and Maganetawan Ry. Co.
I.C.R. and Windsor Junction and Musquodoboit Ry. Co.
Inverness and Richmond Ry. Co.
Kingston and Pembroke Ry. Co.
Manitoulin and North Shore Ry. Co.
Montreal and Province Line Ry. Co.
New Germany, Caledonia and SShelburne Ry. Paspebiac and Caplin (Hamilton Bridge Co.) Ry. Co.
Pontiac Pacific Junction Ry. Co.
Pubnico, N.S., and Port Clyde Ry. Co.
Quebec and New Brunswick Ry. Co.
Restigouche and Western Ry. Co.
Roberval, Quebec and James Bay Ry. Co. Schomberg and Aurora Ry. Co.
Sunny Brae and Country Harbour Ry.
Toronto, Lindsay and Pembroke Ry. Co.
Sugar Machinery. See 'BeetRoot.'
Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Observatory : in Com. of Sup., 5190 (ii).
3471 (ii).

tenders, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Lefurgeg) 83 (i).

Harbour Survey : Ques. (Mr. Lefurgeg) 83.

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