May 23, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Atlantic Fast SS.

Service : in Com. of Sup.
on SS. Subsidies, 5768 (ii).
Australian and Imperial Trade with Can.: Par. in London ' Times ' re Mr. Mulock's Conference, 5326 (ii).
Baddeck, &c. to East Bay SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 4788 (ii).
' Blue Hill,' Str.,Subsidy, Tonnage, &c. : Ques.
(Mr. Bell, Pictou) 3457 (ii).
Bond-Blaine Treaty : Remarks (Mr. Kanlbach) on M. for Com. of Sup., 5829 (ii).

on cone., 5794 (ii).
Canada and France SS. Subsidy : prop. Res. (Sir Richard Cartwright) 4022 ; in Com. on Res., 5096 (ii).

See general beading.

and G.B. SS. Subvention : in Com. of
Sup., 4771 (ii).

and Italy Trade Relations, Cor. re:
M. for Copies (Mr. Monk) 518 (i).

[DOT]- and Newfoundland, Negotiations, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Gourley) 1260 (i).

and South Africa SS. Subvention : in
Com. of Sup., 4788 (ii).
Chin ss and Japanese Immigration, Taxcol-' '7ED, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Prior) 328 (i).
Ci tal Agents, Emplymt. by Govt. : Ques-Xemp) 4753 (i).
Half ' and Canso SS. Subsidy: in Com. of S p., 5776 (ii).

Manchester Line, Protest re Contract,
&c.: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 1501 (i).

Newfoundland and Liverpool SS. Subvention ; in Com. of Sup,, 4772 (ii).

Halifax ani>
West Indies SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 4783 (ii).

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