April 16, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hon. A. B.@

AYLESWORTH (Minister of Justice) moved that an amendment made by the Senate to Bill (No. 31), to prevent the payment or acceptance of illicit or secret commissions and other like practices, be now read the second time and concurred in. He said: The amendment which has
been made by the Senate will be found printed in the Votes and Proceedings for the 1st of April, at page 518. It consists simply in adding to the Bill a sub-paragraph. The

Bill as it passed this House consisted of a provision that every one was guilty of an offence and liable, upon conviction, to certain penalties who being an agent, did certain things, to which the Senate has added this paragraph:
Every person who is a party, or knowingly privy, to any offence under this Act shall he guilty of such offence, and shall be liable, upon conviction, to the punishment hereinbefore provided for by this section.
The general law, under a provision of the Criminal Code, is that every accessorv before the fact is guilty as a principal. This amendment irossibly goes a little further; that is a matter upon which I would hesitate to express any definite opinion. But if it does go any further than the general law, it is in a direction which I think will meet the approval of the House. It is simply nroviding that any person who is party or knowingly privy to the offence or offences which this Bill prohibits, shall be deemed to be equally guilty with the principal offender. I thought that there could be no objection to that clause being added to the Bill, and therefore I move the second reading.

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