March 1, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Nathaniel Clarke Wallace

Conservative (1867-1942)


That does not answer the statement I have made. The hon. gentleman (Mr. Charlton), said :
To call them idolaters would be unfair, would be unjust, would be odious. He would resent it, and he would fight to the death to remove it.
That is what he has told us in a few minutes as his own confession of faith, and
he said he did not believe in pressing the cup of bitterness to his neighbour's lips. But where is he now ? He tells us that he had stated that he shared the views which I have expressed. If he did say so, I must apologize to him, because I caught the very opposite meaning from his remarks. Now. Mr. Speaker, there is something else in regard to this matter. There is another church, the glorious old Church of England; that church which has done so much to evangelize the world, and to spread the belief of its own religion, without being open to the accusation of being partisan, or without being unjust to those other churches that have clustered around it in Great Britain and other countries as well. There are thirty-nine articles of faith. Mr Speaker, i shall not read you the thirty-nine articles.

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