December 7, 1909 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frederick Laurence Schaffner

Conservative (1867-1942)


I wish to cal] the attention of the First Minister and of the government to a matter qf considerable importance, and one which we discussed last session. It is a question which is causing considerable feeling in southwestern Manitoba. I read from this morning's Ottawa 'Citizen'.
Stopped Pastor returning to Ireland from "Winnipeg via U.S.A.
1 (Special to the ' Citizen.')
Winnipeg, Dec. 6.-Rev. T. Davidson, famous pastor of Belfast, Ireland, who has been preaching special services here for several weeks left on Friday last for home via the United States. He was stopped at the boundary by immigration agents and compelled to return to Winnipeg to have papers filled out showing he was not an undesirable.
Such occurences are becoming so frequent that it is creating a strong feeling here. No one regrets it more than United States Consul General Jones, who is doing everything possible to create good feeling. He ascribes it all to ignorant and over zealous officials.
I did not suppose that I would be in order in discussing the question at this stage but it is certainly one which needs the serious consideration of the government. I refer to the manner in which the United States officials are dealing with people of almost all classes who are crossing over the boundary into the United States.

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