February 16, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Stevens Fielding (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)



I beg to submit the reply to the hon. gentleman's question, supplied by the chairman of the Battlefields Commission:
1. The following properties have been bought by the commission: (a) a lot of
land situated on the north side of Ste. Foy road, being subdivision No. 58 of lot 26 of the cadastral plan of the Banlieue of the parish of Notre Dame de Quebec, belonging to one Pierre Cauchon. Area, 16,060 square feet; price, $7,846.55. (b) Part of lot No. 4440 on the cadastral plan for Montcalm ward, in the city of Quebec, belonging to 'Le Seminaire de Quebec'. Area, 1,137,111 square feet; price, $129,137.99. The following properties have also been deeded to the National Battlefields Commission, without cost, for the purpose of the park: (a) Tim piece of ground commonly designated as 'The Plains of Abraham', covering an Mr MAGRATH.
area of 88 arpents and 71 perches (French measure), (b) The plot of ground on which is erected the monument known as Le Monument des Braves', on the Battlefield of Ste._ Foy. (c) A certain parcel of land on which Martello Tower No. 4 is erected. .
2. (a) Yes, if reasonable arrangements can be made with the landowners interested. (b) As soon as possible after the lands required have been secured.
3. (a) $348,387.56. (b) Certain le<ml
points which have arisen in connection with the mode of procedure under the powers of expropriation given to the commission.

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