February 16, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. What applications have been made to the government or the Post Office Department for the closing of outer doors of the post office on Sundays, and what persons or institutions have made these aoplications?
2. In what post offices have these outer doors been recently closed and box holders refused access to their post office boxes on Sunday ?

3. If tlie post offices have been closed on Sundays, what are the reasons for such action of the government or the department?
4. Is the action of the government or department only an experiment, or is it the final determination of the government to close the post offices on Sundays for all time to come?
5. Why should the department receive on Sunday a letter for transmission and prevent its delivery at its destination on that day?
6. Does the Post Office Department know that in Winnipeg for over thirty years box holders have had access to their post office boxes on Sunday, and that the present action of the department, it is alleged, will cause serious inconvenience to a large number of citizens ?
7. Is it known to the Post Office Department
that <a large Dumber of commercial men are said to so arrange to pass Sundays in Winnipeg with their families, to receive and answer their mail on that day?
8. What good purpose will be served by the recent action of the government in closing the outer doors of post offices on Sunday?
9. How many post office officials in Winnipeg, by reason of the closing of the outer doors of the post office to box holders, will be relieved from work on Sundays?
10. If the present action is only an experiment, then why did the government or department not make full and complete inquiries, and obtain sufficient information before taking any action?
11. What orders were given by the Postmaster General or his department to the postmasters in reference to this Sunday closing?

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