March 10, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Hon. GEO. P. GRAHAM: (Minister of Railways and Canals)


1. The engineer reported that two armatures of the old Thompson and Houston arc light dynamos had been burnt out during the past season of navigation, and the amount expended for repairing them was about $500. The accident was not dne to the incompetency of Daley and Macey, but owing to the old and out of date system in use on the eastern section of the canal. It is contemplated, in the near future, to adopt the 3-phase alternating current system, which is now in use on the western end of the canal.
2. On some occasions the lights were out, but on every such occasion the engineer endeavoured to fix the responsibility upon the guilty party.
3. No, but a man named Lynch has been dismissed from the service for having left his post during the day time and allowing his generator to Tun without any one being in charge of it.
4. Mr. Fitzpatrick is employed on the
Lachine canal as diver, but when not engaged in that capacity, he is called upon to assist other employees on the canal, viz.: storemen, carpenters, machinists.
During the fiscal year 1908-9, he made 564 hours of overtime removing submerged obstructions from weir, gates, sluices, mitre sills, &c.
5. During the fiscal year 1908-9, Mr. Dennis O'Brien received the sum of $665.75 for visiting the different works on the canal, whenever necessary, at least twice weekly.
6. J. Brennan is employed as carbonman at $45 a month, and receives an allowance of $10 for transportation along the electric light line. J. Cousineau is employed as assistant lineman at the rate of $45 a month.

Subtopic:   LACHINE CANAL.
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