March 10, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


Referring to the report of the Civil Service Royal Commission, composed of J. M. Courtney; C.M.G., of Ottawa, Thos. Fyslie, Esq., of Montreal, and P. G. Bazin, Esq., of Quebec, which contains the following statement:- ' Your commission have now to draw attention to a deserving body of men who carry on their work at great hazard to themeslves, namely, the railway mail clerks. A railway mail clerk suffers many hardships in liis daily avocation. He is placed in a car next to the engine, although the vibration may be greater than it would be if the car were otherwise placed, yet the ceaseless strain in his daily work tends to the shattering of his nerves and leads to other physical defects. The commissioners recommend the the Railway Commissioners be authorized and requested to have plans prepared for proper standard mail cars to be placed on the several lines of railways in Canada,' has the government provided for carrying out that recommendation? If not, is it their intention to do so?

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