April 6, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Stevens Fielding (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)



We are dealing now with the balance of the supplementary estimates for the year 1909-10, which expired a few days -ago. I may remind the House that we dealt with a portion of these estimates several weeks ago, and ultimately, following the usual proceeding, a Supply Bill was passed and assented to. But there was a portion of those estimates which, although voted by the House, was not taken in the form of a Supply Bill. The House had dealt with them in Committee of the Whole, but it is necessary that they should be put into -a Supply Bill. But it will be inconvenient to wait until the -close of the session for that purpose, as it is desirable that the business of _ the year be closed up as quickly as possible. The present proceeding is that we now pass a Supply Bill covering the balance of the estimates for the year which has just closed. These various votes have been gathered in the usual way by the clerks, and the amount of them is expressed in the resolution which I now beg to move:
Resolved, that towards making good a supply to be granted to His Majesty on account of certain expenses of the public service for the fiscal year ending March, 81, 1910, the sum of $1,646,350.28 be granted out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada.

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