March 19, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


The MINISTER OF FINANCE (Hon. W. S. Fielding).

This is a little matter of business which we might well afford to discuss in a quiet businesslike way. I had not the good fortune to hear my hon. friend from Fictou (Mr. Bell) throughout all of his remarks, but I had the good fortune to hear him in the committee, and I suppose I know his general view. I also know the view of the hon. gentleman from Lanark (Hon. Mr. Haggart) and I observe that he has tried to cover up a weak defenceless position by introducing new and entirely unjustifiable matter. The hon. gentleman has treated tliis as a trial, the case of an accusation. He says that the hon. Minister of Railways, is on trial. If the minister be on trial, who is his accuser ? Which one of these gentlemen opposite accuses him ? The hon. member (Hon. Mr. Haggart) is an old parliamentarian- and he knows the procedure. Let him stand up and put his charge in writing and let us know what it means.

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