March 19, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



The hon. gentleman (Hon. Mr. Haggart) has made no charge. The hon. gentleman dare not make a charge. The hon. gentleman and his associates have been fishing for a fortnight in the hope of finding some kind of a charge and they have utterly failed. I draw attention to the fact that the hon. gentleman has treated this as a charge and one hon. gentleman in the committee said: there is a charge and whoever heard when a charge is made of any restriction upon the calling of witnesses. There is no charge, Mr. Speaker. The hon. gentlemen opposite are no doubt courageous, and they would willingly make a charge if they had any ground for it. But when we see at this very moment that notwithstanding insinuations and suggestions, not one of them has dared to make a charge against tlie_ Minister of Railways, I think the House will understand the position which we occupy to-day. Now, what are the facts ? Sometimes it is necessary to translate a motion. What does this motion say ? It says that if John Smith shall stand up in a committee meeting and say, I move that John Brown be summoned, that motion must pass. That is the whole situation. The hon. gentleman has attempted to add reasons and explanations, and all sorts of things, some of which did not occur in the committee at all, I take the responsibility of saying.

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