March 24, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


It aims at building up and developing Canada on broad national lines, not upon sectional lines as does the policy of hon. gentlemen opposite. It aims at keeping the market of Canada for Canada's own people and not giving it to the people of the United States, or the people of Germany or to the people even of England. Our first duty is to look after the interests of our own people. It aims at protecting the labour of the country, it aims at protecting the manufacturers of the country and not allowing this country to be made a slaughter market for the surplus products of foreign countries. It aims at protecting the mechanics of the country, at developing the mining industries of the country and lastly it aims at protecting the most important class of all, the farmers of the country on the lines I have indicated. This is our policy. I claim that it is a

definite policy and one that in my judgment will commend itself to the respect of the people of Canada. Put that beside the vaccilating policy that the government have carried out for the last six years and it will compare favourably in any part of the country. We have no reason to be afraid or ashamed of it. We are prepared to stand up in favour of it in any part of the country and to tell the people that this is the policy that Canada requires and that the statesmen found among the opposition in this House will be prepared to carry it out just as soon as they are returned to power.

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