February 27, 1911 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. TEMPLEMAN: (Minister of Mines; Minister of Inland Revenue)


1. The Holland bog, which covers an area of several thousand acres in the counties of Simcoe and York, was surveyed and examined during the months of November and part of December, 1910.
2. The results of the survey of the entire bog have not as yet been worked out since the map which is in course of preparation is not complete, and the analyses of the different samples of peat which have been taken at various depths are not finished. The results, however, have been worked out for a portion of the southern part of the bog. The peat contained in this portion of the bog is suitable for fuel purposes.
When the map is completed and the results of the survey thoroughly worked out, the commercial value of the Holland bog and the various purposes to which the peat contained is best adapted will be known, and published in a report.

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