April 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



I have not the number in each province, but in the whole Dominion. The great bulk of those which have taken advantage of the arrangement are in Ontario and Quebec, and but few elsewhere. There are some in the maritime provinces and possibly one or two in British Columbia. I do not think that there are any in Manitoba. From the 31st March, 1902 to the 31st March, 1903, we anticipate that 100 creameries will get the first year's bonus and the second year's bonus and about 80 will get the third year's. During this current year from 31st March, 1901 to 31st March, 1902-this statement was made out in February a few weeks ago-there were 80 creameries that got the first year's bonus of $50 each and 80 that got the second year's bonus, and about 100 that got the third year's bonus. The bonus is $50 the first year and $25 each second and third year.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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