January 31, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Elijah Armstrong

Conservative (1867-1942)

Air. ARMSTRONG (Lambton).

The government telegraphs are all in outlying sections-on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the Yukon and elsewhere. The government operates the unprofitable sections so far as telegraph messages are concerned; the profitable end of the business is operated by the companies. The telegraph companies carry a message from Quebec to Buffalo, about six hundred miles, for 35 cents, for which the Canadian Pacific Railway : or Great Northwestern get only 174 cents. Take a message from New York to Chicago by Canadian Pacific Railway. They send it to Montreal, and relay it there. That is, the Canadian Pacific Railway carries the message 2,000 miles with a relay and gets 374 cents. But if that message is to be delivered in Montreal, saving the relay and 550 miles to Chicago, the Canadian rate will be 75 cents. I feel confident, from the examination I have made with reference to the cost of telegraph lines, not only in the Dominion of Canada, but in other parts of the world, that a good round return could be made on rates such as 25 cents from Halifax to Winnipeg, and 50 cents from Halifax to Vancouver. Some western rates are the following:
Windsor to Sydney Cape Breton approximately 1,400 miles, 30c.
"Regina to Sudbury, 1,150 miles, $1.00.
"Moosejaw to Ottawa, 1,700 miles, $1.00.
Ottawa to Moose Man, 1,550 miles, $1.00
North Bay to Moose Man, 1,275 miles, $1.00.
Messages for similar distances in eastern Canada cost 30 cents.

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