February 19, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Allister Currie

Conservative (1867-1942)


The Printing Committee recommend in this report that in future all reports presented in either the Senate or the House of Commons, by the other committees which contain requests fior the printing of reports, .pamphlets, &c., he first submitted to the Committee on Printing. That recommendation should be really unnecessary because, under Rule 64 of the House, a motion for the printing of any paper must be first submitted to the Joint Committee on Printing for report before any action is taken on it. However, an abuse has arisen in the House, and other committees present to the House resolutions accompanying their reports with motions that a certain number of copies of testimony or papers placed before them should be printed and the House has granted such requests. For instance, the Committee on Agriculture recommended that 150,000 copies of Dr. James Robertson's address before them on the matter of conservation should be printed. That would involve an expenditure of something over $15,000. It is a violation of the rutles, there was a slight clash over the matter, and as a result this report is now presented to the House. Whether this motion is necessary 1 do not know, but it is well to pass it, and so remind the chairman and secretaries of committees that this abuse cannot be continued. In 1908 the amount of money required for sessional printing for the House was $85,000, but last session it was

over $250,000. We do mot -wish to be considered parsimonious, but we feel that orders for .any printing of .such magnitude as this should .at leasit be referred to the committee appointed by parliament to pass upon such things.

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