February 19, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)




1. Has the government or any official thereof, or any person connected therewith, received any recent representations from the Civil Service Association? ,
2. If so, to what did such representations refer?
3. What reply was given by the government in connection with the different mat-

ters touched upon in the representations made?
4. Is the question of superannuation to civil servants to be taken up this present session ?
5. Is it the intention of the government to pass an order in council to amend the present regulations of the Civil Service Commission so as to permit persons who were in the inside civil service as third division clerks at the coming into effect of the Civil Service Amendment Act of September, 1908, to be promoted to the second division, on passing the promotion examination in vogne prior to the coming into force of the said amendment Act of September, 1908, without passing the present second division promotion examination?
6. Is the government aware that the present representatives of the city of Ottawa during the late campaign promised on behalf of the present government, that if elected this alleged injustice would he remedied without any avoidable delay?
7. Has the government or any member thereof received any representations from the present representatives of Ottawa in this parliament in regard to this matter? If so, of what did such consist?
8. Does the government contemplate legislative action on any other matters respecting civil servants during the present session? If so. what?

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